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Wash Rite

Wash Rite


The oil painting captures a hot sunny street scene featuring "Wash Rite Launderette" in Palm Beach, Florida. The building is set against the backdrop of a vibrant deep blue sky which stretches from edge, without a cloud in sight.


This painting was inspired by the historic launderette in sunny Palm Beach, Florida. An empty and almost eerie street scene featuring an unusual building which was very low with bars along the windows, letters fading, peeling paint and beautiful colours. 


The building is surrounded by deep green plants. To the right of the launderette, lush palm trees sway gently in the breeze and add a tropical touch to the composition, contributing to the overall sense of calm and serenity.


Painted using oils on a smooth panel paying attention to the harmony of colours and the balance between the land and vast sky. The painting offers a moment of quiet appreciation for the world's natural and architectural wonders.


Framed in a bespoke black wooden tray frame.

Oil on wooden panel

H 65 x W 80 x D 5 cm (Framed)

Price includes 🌍 shipping 

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